House Checker


People seem to wonder why they can’t seem to sell/lease a property at a price they want.  Someone bought a property for a high value but sell/lease it a lower price. We discovered some mistakes property owners don’t take into consideration when leasing out a property, they don’t seem to understand the little defects that a property might have that may make it lose its value.

Properties seems not to be the “big buck” anymore as the economies of the world are taking tool on the prices of the properties the demand for properties are going low as people have begun to turn their homes into offices because of high cost of buying/leasing a property.

We can help you solve this at evillaNG, we have the experience needed in bringing customers to that property if you take our views and considerations.

*      We tell you why its losing its value

*      What to do

*      We can even help you sell/lease it at your own price

*      We will help you fix that “House Problem”

*      We will help you market it

*      We will help check it all round before you  put it up for lease/sale

*      We will help redesign/ remake it


If you really want to get the value for that property then you need us to help you, we will help you solve your own mistakes, with our expertise we can help you get all the property needs, to be sold fast and at the right price, even if you don’t want to sell/lease/rent and you know this property is been undervalued than gives us a try we promise we won’t fail you

Don’t be in the hurry to sell the property, take time to study it so you can get it defects and sell it at the right price for the right customers.


We expect your call/email through this mail or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website @ today.


You can contact us anywhere in the world or property types and us at your service, even if you want us to be there on ground to look it out for you or online.