Who we are:

EvillaNG is a free real estate listing website based in LAGOS Nigeria, we presently have over 338 registered agents and over 1200 properties listed on our website in our one year of operation. Last year august we rated no 55 top real estate website in the world by (International real estate website and rater)

With thousands of visit every week from all over the world

Market and Audience

Visitors to result in thousands per week! According to our web traffic checker, our audience is composed from all over the world because of how broad our business scope is:

The target market niche:

Visitors identify themselves as Agents, property owners, potential buyers/leasers, and the general public.

The size of the target market:

Our website receives thousands hits per week, we have a platform on our website called ‘’Sms and Email property Marketing’’ , whereby we send properties through this platform at a fixed price for estate agents and property owners, we attach the property links to the messages so as to gain traffic.. We send from 1000 phone numbers and emails on our database for a fixed price this has been effective because loads of agents register every day and traffic is building through this platform with popularity. Another platform is called ‘’House Checker’’ this is a platform whereby we help property owners to enhance the cost of their property through proper house checking service this service is a service rendered from us to any part of the world, we even recommend companies to deal with as the need may arise.

Why they are the target market:

Visitors to our website are looking for properties to buy lease rent or sell or any of our services be it email and sms property marketing or house checking platform.

What will cause the target market to respond to your ad?

Our visitors respond to properties from our websites daily, they’ll respond to your ad, too.

How your ad will benefit the target market:

Advertising on our website will save your customers the hassle of searching for your product name because you render a service that might need quick attention since your ads is on a real estate listing website, companies and visitors are from all over the world. Global search engines often redirect viewers to competitors’ sites.

Where to advertise on our website

As you can see this is the list of top visits for our website from all over the world.

Available positions on our website: SEARCH FOR PROPERTY MODULE

This position is very catchy because when visitors visit our website this is the first image they will see. We will remove our image and put your company logo there


 This is the end of the website and people will always come to the footer to get more informations from our website. We will remove the black color and put your company brand there


We help you put your company products everywhere in our page, we have over 2000 pages on our website making your product visible.

Other advertisement size were we can put your company brand we can put it anywhere you like

Leaderboard: 728*90


Large Rectangle: 336*280


Large skyscraper: 300*600

Medium Rectangle: 300*250

Large Mobile Banner: 320*100

FULL BODY: we will put your company logo as our background image on our website.

Pop up Advertisement

Page Peel Banner: when people click on that logo you add we cover our webpage and show your products.




FOOTER PAGE: ‎₦85,000

Leaderboard: ‎₦300,000      

Large Rectangle: ‎₦150,000

Large skyscraper: ‎₦150,000

Medium Rectangle: ‎₦70,000

Large Mobile Banner: ‎₦80,000

FULL BODY: ‎₦1,500,000

Pop up Advertisement: ‎₦90,000

Page Peel Banner: ‎₦150,000

We look to your reply on how we may best assist ads management.


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